When you find what you love, chase it.

“Use CMU to find out what you’re good at. Whittle it down. Whatever comes from your classes, use it, and when you find what you love, chase it. Chase it for the rest of your life. Then you’ll be doing something you want to do.” – Jeff Daniels

Who would have thought that Jeff Daniels would have given me the best career advice out of everyone in this world? A man that doesn’t know me, who called me once, gave me excellent advice to give to students around the school.

But it really felt like he was talking to me, too.

I’ve spent the last six years at Central Michigan University. I’ve spent countless hours on campus, in classes, participating in extracurriculars, going to football games and taking pride in being a Chippewa.

I’ve cried more times in classrooms and in the library than I want to admit. I’ve laughed with so many friends in the dining halls, and I’ve met some really radical people who helped shape me into who I am today.

Central Michigan University was my home before I was a student here. I grew up on its campus. I broke my arm in fourth grade in Anspach Hall. I met my first mentor in Moore Hall. This place helped me grow into my own, and it pushed me to be a better me.

It’s been six years. I can’t believe that in that time I’ve gotten so many useful life skills. I know how to network. I know how to create stories worth reading. I can take a photo and make it look damn good.

It’s been six years of searching for my passion, and Central helped me find it. I love sharing people’s stories. I love being able to connect them with the community that surrounds them. I love that I have the power to do that through my words, and I love that people trust me to share their stories.

I’ve found what I love, and in 10 days, I get to start chasing it.

Fire Up Forever.


Thought Piece 2

In Chapter Five, the book talks about the autofocus capabilities of some lenses. It reads that most professionals prefer to use manual focus. The book teaches that zooming all the way in on the subject, then focusing, then zooming back out is the best way to achieve the correct focus for shots. Lighting is another fascinating subject. Different lighting situations will create different feels for the video.

It was interesting to learn that the focus will stay with the subject even after zooming out when manual focus is applied. This isn’t extremely surprising, though, because it is the same thing for still photos. Seeing a diagram for how a four-point lighting set up works was wonderful.

The how-to video from chapter six about tripods was very useful. It reminds people that when using the telephoto lenses, movement can be amplified on the screen for viewers. The movement can be distracting and annoying. Using a tripod reduces this movement greatly. It helps focus on subjects better without distractions.

Ken Kobre did a fine job of capturing different light types in chapter seven. He wanted to make sure people understood the different types and had great visuals for each kind.

Who has the best beer in Mount Pleasant?

For my final project in JRN 340, I’m looking at breweries in Mount Pleasant, Mich, and finding out which breweries are local favorites. Infographics for this project are important because they can illustrate things that cannot be said. They are fast and efficient in displaying data, like maps can share the locations of breweries and a poll can display the types of beers that are popular at bars and the brewery.

Most college kids enjoy going to breweries because the beer is right there, freshly bottled and poured. This story will be very popular with finals coming up because most college students are looking for a way to relax with a tasty brew after finishing their exams.

Which brewery is your favorite to visit? Comment below to explain your answer.