Thought Piece 4: Interviewing, Scripting, Editing

In Chapter 11, all about interviewing, the author gives a pre-interview checklist. This includes things like having a clear reason for the interview and preliminary research into the topic. This carries over into Chapter 12: scripting. The checklist can help you prepare whether you want to make the video into a scripted piece or one without narration. This then flows over into Chapter 13 in editing. If you have a script and a storyboard, then you can easily find clips that you planned out and place them into the areas they belong.

Storyboarding and scripting are more important than a lot of people think. With them, you have more of a solid plan of what you need to shoot. Shooting without a script can be challenging as the book points out. Sometimes plans change, but it’s good to have a solid idea of what you want.

In TIME’s piece about extreme couponing, they use a narrator, something that is more like a TV news story rather than a newspaper piece. This is still an option, though, because he is able to tell the story exactly how he wants it, rather than let the subject control the story’s direction. I think the narration fits better in the TIME piece about Kony. Because there is the language barrier, the narrator can tell the story and add in pieces that support his statements. I do think that his use of the child’s story was extremely powerful as well even though it’s subtitled. You hear him and you hear his tone.

Stanley Heist, author of Chapter 12, is a lecturer at the University of Maryland. He is an award winning photojournalist and has been published in multiple areas.


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