Thought Piece 2

In Chapter Five, the book talks about the autofocus capabilities of some lenses. It reads that most professionals prefer to use manual focus. The book teaches that zooming all the way in on the subject, then focusing, then zooming back out is the best way to achieve the correct focus for shots. Lighting is another fascinating subject. Different lighting situations will create different feels for the video.

It was interesting to learn that the focus will stay with the subject even after zooming out when manual focus is applied. This isn’t extremely surprising, though, because it is the same thing for still photos. Seeing a diagram for how a four-point lighting set up works was wonderful.

The how-to video from chapter six about tripods was very useful. It reminds people that when using the telephoto lenses, movement can be amplified on the screen for viewers. The movement can be distracting and annoying. Using a tripod reduces this movement greatly. It helps focus on subjects better without distractions.

Ken Kobre did a fine job of capturing different light types in chapter seven. He wanted to make sure people understood the different types and had great visuals for each kind.


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