Beers brewed at Mount Pleasant Brewing Company

This is one of the infographics that I may be using for my final project. These are the beers that are brewed year-round at the Mount Pleasant Brewing Company.



This is honestly one of the most infuriating websites I’ve ever used. It kept giving me error messages and the site itself is slow. You also have to pay to get some of the features, which is frustrating as a college student with a very low income.

I’d much rather make my own infographics using InDesign or Illustrator. Infographics like this would be used in a story to give the types of beer available in the area. I think I could make a much better one on my own without some website.

This does have a journalistic use. Had I gotten any responses on my questions from last week, I could have used that information to judge which of the breweries in town were people’s favorites. Though, I did not and that has put me slightly behind.

Edit: I have gone back and looked at the chart. Don’t bother clicking the link. Nothing that I have done has been saved to the site because it’s that infuriating. Thanks a lot,


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